Is Custom Software Development A Thing of the Past?

While answering this straightaway might sound confusing, let’s try the other way round! Think of two different bicycles, one that’s customized to fit your height and the other that’s not. Which one would you prefer?

There’s the answer to your question, NO, custom software development isn’t really dead.

Today, we have a standard leveraging software tool for different aspects of operations in an organization. Businesses are trying to make the most out of their operations by leveraging cloud-based or vendor solutions and integrating them into helpful business solutions.

In a manner, custom software development is alive but has been affected a lot over the years. Organizations today are no longer interested in spending the majority of their time in developing tailored solutions, heading for the trial and error method to conclude whether or not the software methodology is better. Instead, IT teams rely on outsourcing software development and access cost-effective solutions.

But, is Custom Software Development Really Helpful?

Yes, developing a customized tool can help you scale your operations seamlessly. Why? Because the application has been designed to perform functions, specifically for your enterprise. 

Now, let’s have a look at the ‘how’ part! Here are some crucial benefits of developing customized software for your business. 

Tailor-made perspective

Having customized software for your operations bridges the communication gap between you and the outsourcing software development company; it helps you develop one-on-one communication. This way, you can easily detail your organization’s specific needs to the partner company and develop software that adapts to your requirements.

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Big Data and Targeted Insights

Having a custom application that serves a particular business approach proves to be highly effective when compared to multiple applications adding to the different processes of a business. Further, such custom software applications are highly effective for interpreting data in a company. The gathered data sets can be later used to analyze different statistics and spot different trends while saving time, effort, and money. 

Maintaining brand identity

With multiple businesses tapping into different industries, the challenges are vast! You cannot simply think of sustaining your brand identity with the same traditional tools that were practical a few years ago. The competition demands a change and custom software helps you with the same. The tailored appeal of such tools helps maintain customer and staff loyalty while branding your client. Using tailored software also helps in raising the organization’s status from customers’ point of perception.

Long-term investment

While developing a branded solution might seem to be expensive to a certain extent, it can be more of a smart investment in the long run. Given that everything starts from scratch in the process, it saves you from the troubles of buying any additional hardware or software support over the years. The finished product provides you with all the functionalities which are generally provided by different applications.

High security against external threats

Having tailor-made software is more successful in adding security to your operations as commercial software has higher chances of phishing attacks due to their public availability. On the contrary, customized software is only limited to the company, and its source code is safe and secure between the organization and developers. This way, customized software becomes more safe and protected against any phishing attack.

To Wrap it Up

While cloud-based software might be the reality of today’s industry, custom software development will never completely disappear. The majority of the IT organizations that collaborate with mature businesses need to integrate tools of the first culture. 

Let’s accept it, IT groups don’t necessarily develop software, but they collaborate with businesses supporting their operations. 

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