Instagram: An essential tool for successful marketing campaigns

The power of social media in promoting your business is undeniable and companies in all verticals are trying to leverage the full potential of these platforms to market their services and products. 

Talking about marketing a brand, Instagram leads the lot owing to its all-visual design. Instagram can convey a lot in small, visually attractive, and easily and quickly comprehensible posts. 

The best Instagram advertising services can help you achieve reach and impact the masses and create a solid and loyal customer base. Several studies have shown that 40% of consumers show a better response to visual content which reinforces the competence of Instagram in marketing. 

Instagram has over 500 million uses and its engagement rate is several times higher as compared to its other counterparts. Acknowledging these facts and the power of the platform over 48% of businesses are active on it. 

Clearly, excluding Instagram from your digital marketing campaigns is not something that any marketer would do. Let us dig a bit deeper into the capabilities of this amazing platform.

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  • Great for business

Some of the eye-opening statistics on the potential of Instagram in marketing and promotions are given in the introduction and you can find plenty of them on the Internet. Such abundant data emphasize the importance of the platform and leave no reasons for a business not being on it.

Instagram is a gateway to your success as it expands your reach to a whole new lot of customers. You can create a strong bond with your customer base with constant engagement and pitch your new products and services effectively.

  • Build trust

A significant section of Internet users is active on Instagram and over 60% of them log in every day. All these people look for you on the platform and an effective footprint there can build an immediate connection. 

They try to find through location, hashtags, or brand title. If you are on Instagram with a good number of followers and a blue tick, you are a valuable and trusted brand.

  • A virtual word of mouth

Word of mouth has always been a quintessential marketing tool. In today’s time, when the world is living on the Internet, you have to find a digital way to spread the word. Instagram comes in handy in that direction.

Users who are amused by your excellent service or ecstatic about using your product are very likely to review your brand. There is a strong chance that they put up a review post tagging your page on their stories. This will make you visible to a large number of people who can end up following you and buying with you.

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  • Makes selling easier

In the present day and age, social media is ubiquitous and almost everyone is using these platforms. For that reason, it has become a dominant factor that influences and drives customers’ buying decisions. Given this fact, it is safe to say that Instagram is one of the most authoritative tools for marketing. Users who are following you are also most likely to buy with you. 

Instagram business accounts also let you allow your followers to quickly and easily navigate through your products and purchase right from there. Also, you can direct potential clients to your website. A good engagement on Instagram can boost your sale significantly.

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