How Your Little Paws Can Contribute to the Environmental Cause

To curb the effects of climate change, it becomes essential for us to minimize global carbon emissions. Without doing so, humankind will have to witness much more frequent and devastating extreme weather events. Our pet friends will suffer from the consequences too. So when people pledge to improve the environment by reducing the carbon footprint, why don’t they include their animal friends in the plan and lessen some carbon paw-print too?

Pet owners can take up this initiative as they are the ones closest to the domestic animal fraternity. So, shake a hand and paw together to make this world a better place to live in for us and the upcoming generations. While we think a lot about ourselves, our community, and the environment, we must not forget to include our pet pals in our thoughts and prayers.

Having positive thoughts for your pet dog’s long-term health and welfare may make you feel good, but putting them into action is even better. You may start by addressing your pet’s health needs through purchasing a pet insurance plan. Dog parents need to know health isn’t a luxury; it is a basic necessity, and that – plus the significant savings on medical costs – is why you should seriously consider buying a dog insurance policy for your furry friend.

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How to minimize your pet’s carbon paw-print?

Help your pet doggo adopt an eco-friendly way of life so both of you work together and contribute to the cause of nature. Here are some steps to achieving this:

Check pet overpopulation!

Overpopulation is a serious issue. As the pet population continually grows, finding homes for them is becoming more and more difficult. Every year, millions of pet animals are euthanized to control overpopulation. It is precisely why people looking to adopt pets should take one home from the animal shelter. Why not save a pet some misery and help the animal community as well as the environment?

By taking in a dog from an animal rescue or shelter, you will offer it a home to live in and discourage commercial pet breeding activity at the same time.

Also encourage spaying or neutering to keep the pet population under check. If you can’t care for a litter of pups make sure yours is desexed as early as possible.

Buy organic/homegrown food!

When you head out shopping for pet food, consider the organic pet food options or locally available food items. If you wish to go another extra mile, try growing some veggies in your backyard and whip up some pet-licious food in your kitchen! That way you reduce your carbon footprint by supporting local producers while reducing your carbon miles and packaging consumption.

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Safely discard dog poop!

Use biodegradable poop bags to pick up your dog’s waste. Or you may add your dog poop to homemade compost if you don’t feed your dog meat!

Get pet safe products!

Buying non-toxic pet essentials and dog-care products or toys not only keeps your four-legged friend safe but, also, he will favour an ecological cause.

While these are some initial steps you can take to save the environment with your pet doggo, going further, you guys can discover new ways to protect nature. Reducing your carbon paw-print contributes towards improving the health of the planet. Adopting an eco-friendly lifestyle benefits your doggo’s wellbeing too. In addition, there is always pet health insurance to have your pet’s back. With dog insurance, your doggo’s health is covered for a range of ailments and accidents over all days of the year.