How To Make Sure That Your Partner Takes Care Of All The IT Issues In Your Business


There are some business models that you need to run with the assistance of your friends or family members. If you have it in mind to run a business that requires a huge capital to start, your best bet is to consult your friends or family members to become your partner in running the business or organisation. The essence of forming a partnership to run a business cannot be overemphasized. First, the risks and liability involved in running the business will not be shared by you alone. You and your partner will share the risk and liability at a ratio or rate determined by the contract you enter with your partner. 

Secondly, once you and your partner have pulled funds together, the resultant income will be able to drive the growth of the business to a higher level where you can compete favorably with other competing businesses in your target market place. Thirdly, a partnership form of business is very important because a single partner can run the business in the absence of the other, provided an agreement was written for the business to be operated that way. The only downside to running a partnership business is that the profit that you will make in the partnership business must be shared between the two partners; otherwise, confusion or altercation may occur and it may cripple the operation of the business. 

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If you are the sole owner of the business idea and you bring a partner to pull their funds so that both of you can run the business on the funds, there are times that the business may suffer IT issues, like slow network, breakdown of computer hardware and software, or even the business may suffer from computer network infrastructure problem. These are just some of the problems that a startup may likely encounter. If this is your experience and you are the active partner in the business, how do you ensure your partner also takes care of information technology issues that may come up in the business? 

This is a question that this article seeks to address. In this article, we will walk you through the different ways you can ensure that your partner will also be involved in the process of addressing any IT-related problems that your business may face either now or in the future.

Let’s get started

#1. Onboard Your Partner

One of the best ways to get your partner to also be involved in the handling of information technology issues that may arise in your business in the future is to onboard your partner as you kick-start the business. Onboarding is the process of holding your new partner by the hands and showing him or her all the different aspects of the business, so that they become very familiar with your business operations and the various ways through which you generate revenue for your company. 

On-boarding goes beyond understanding the administrative aspects of your business, it points to the fact that your partner or employee can also act in your absence. So, as you onboard your partner ensure you put him or her through all the challenges and issues that your business usually have that are IT related and how you go about resolving the issues. Once your partner understands your business operation, even in your absence your partner can resolve any IT problem that your business may counter. This will ensure that your business will not experience downtime. 

If you are a busy person and you do not have the time to onboard your partner, you can create a tutorial guide or a video clip that shows how you usually resolve your IT problem and share the video clip with your partner so that your partner can go home with the video clip to study and understand your business processes and how to resolve any information technology-related problem that may confront your business.

#2. Train Your Partner

The essence of sending your partner to on- the-job training cannot be overemphasized. Training and retraining of your partner is one of the ways to ensure that your partner can also resolve any information technology problem that may confront your business, whether now or in the future. Training your partner should not just stop at office training, where you introduce your partner to your business activity and also itemize all the equipment and tools that you use to deliver value to your customers. 

Training involves sending your partner to a reputable academy so that the school will administer well-tailored courses that will empower your partner to resolve any IT issue that may come up in the cause of your business operation. Although we understand that sending your partner to an academy to learn your business processes and the type of equipment that you use to deliver value to your customers may be expensive, you can involve a third party to offer this training at a fraction of the cost that you would have spent sending your partner to an academy. 

#3. Let Your Partner Work With a Managed Service Provider

You can involve a managed service provider to help you train your partner so that they understand how to resolve or handle any information technology deficiency that may affect your business operations. A managed service provider has all the skills and tools to train your partner so that they become more efficient and productive. When your partner is efficient and productive, you do not necessarily need to stay in the office 24/7. 

Your partner should be able to resolve any challenges or issues that may come up as he/she works with your computer hardware, servers, and network routers. Your partner will also know how to use smaller tools like a screwdriver to correct smaller challenges. And then when the challenge becomes bigger, you can then invite professionals to handle the problem. 


Starting and running a business can be overwhelming if you have a partner that understands how to resolve IT-related problems in the quickest time. Adhere to the tips we have shared in this article and you will be a step closer to becoming a force to reckon with in your target industry. 

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