Essential Tips for a New Mac User Working Remotely

The business environment has changed drastically. Today, many businesses have a mixture of in-person and remote team members. Many employees are citing remote working as the most preferred mode of work. This is why many businesses are finding ways to make it more adaptable. Now, whether working from home or office, you will be expected to be productive. Since you do not have the luxury of running to the IT department to troubleshoot your problems, you will need to learn to navigate your way around tech. Here are a few tips to help you become a more tech-savvy troubleshooter as a new mac user.

Have more screen space

Did you know that you can convert your iPad into a second display to give you more screen space? Well, working from your laptop might not give you the screen space that you enjoy from the big Mac PC at your office. Luckily, you can fix this. If you are using macOS Catalina, and have the recent model of the iPad OS, you can convert the iPad into a second display to give you more screen space. Position the iPad next to your Mac, open the Display section of the systems preference app, Choose your iPad from the Airplay Display Submenu. Your iPad will appear as a full-fledged second monitor. Position it to your liking and give yourself more screen space. 

Manage your notifications

It is almost impossible to achieve anything if you have distracting notifications popping on your screen every second. To ensure that you make the most out of your time, learn to manage your notifications. Open system preferences on your Mac, go to the notification sections, then choose the list of apps that you wish to disable its notifications.

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Quick tip:

  • You can keep the badges and sound enabled for messaging apps, but disable the banners so they can’t visually distract you. 

Keep your computer running smoothly

This is probably the most important tip when it comes to working remotely. Imagine having to wait for your browser to load for more than 3 minutes? Frustrating right? Ensuring that your computer is running smoothly will save you from wasting time, and ensure that you remain productive. Invest in cleaning software that can clean all junk or unwanted files that might slow down your computer. Try to declutter by removing apps, similar photos, and bookmarks that eat into your storage and slow your computer. This guide here expounds more on how to uninstall those apps you are not using. Remember to also install a proper antivirus and make sure it is working! It will ensure you avoid common malware issues targeting remote workers. 

Track your time 

The one thing about working remotely is that you can lose track of time and find yourself overworking, or not working at all because of distractions. To manage your time when working remotely, create a to-do list. It works best on tasks that require immediate attention. Additionally, when you start your workday, use the reminder app to list down all your tasks. Other apps like Toggl will help you track your time, and help you adjust accordingly 

A few more tips

As an addition to the tips discussed above, you can also try to incorporate the below tricks to get the most of your Mac.

  • Use Mac productivity apps i.e. Timely, Airmail, and the Agenda builder.
  • Use a MacBook stand
  • Make Siri work to your advantage
  • Organize your time with calendar apps

Wrap up

Working remotely demands a lot of discipline. It is so easy to get distracted and lose track of your time. It is even worse when you are a new mac user and not sure how to navigate through it. The tips discussed above should make your experience seamless

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