WhatsApp is the  basic need of this generation because this is the platform where we can chat, send images, send videos, send documents, audio message and lots more features available in it. WhatsApp became one the most popular social media application for its reliable features and it is very easy to use so that anyone can use it.

WhatsApp having lots of features but still there is so much limitations in it like if we forward a message then that particular message is sent with a highlighted mark “forwarded” and it shows to receiver also. There is so much silly and big issues in WhatsApp by which users are suffering.

Every problem is having solution like that instead of WhatsApp we can use GBWhatsapp. It is one of the popular mod version of WhatsApp. GBWhatsapp is a clone application but having more features which exactly people has demanded or had faced problem while using original WhatsApp. This application got the attention because developers has created this application as actually users wanted and it is more comfortable. With GBWhatsapp your chatting experience, your theme can change according to you, your privacy can be modified according to your suitability. There are many more features are there some of are:-


  • Copy any status or can save videos from stories of others.
  • Multiple accounts can be run in one same application.
  • This application can be use in different languages.
  • There is a feature were we can show 24hours online.
  • More than 10 photos can be sent at the same time from gallery.
  • Lots of new emojis.
  • Videos can be send up to 50mb.
  • WhatsApp group name can be up to 35 characters.
  • Personal privacy is there.
  • You can modify privacy according to you like last seen, blue tick, double tick typing and your profile picture.

Here were some features of GBWhatsapp where you can see how GBWhatsapp is so much different from original WhatsApp. If you have not tried yet just download the GBWhatsapp Apk for android on your smartphone.

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As already mentioned above that GBWhatsapp is a mod version of WhatsApp. So, this is an unofficial version of WhatsApp which is not available in Plays tore. GBWhatsapp can be download from Google from any site. After that go to settings then activate installation from unknown sources. After installing GBWhatsapp open it and complete the procedure as we do it in original WhatsApp. Make that clear when it comes to backup your chats don’t backup cause it’s take to your original WhatsApp. So, don’t backup your chats. Just install and enjoy the better experience than original WhatsApp.


So this is how we can download GBWhatsapp in android Smartphone. The process is not so much complicated just some taps away. Just install and have the best experience of the GBWhatsapp application as compared to original WhatsApp which doesn’t have so good features and having lots of restrictions. After Using GBWhatsapp you will definitely refuse to use original WhatsApp.

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