Differences Between Frontend and Backend Development

When it comes to software development, each software development company, including https://chudovo.com/, involves frontend development and backend development. Both play an important role on a website or app. But do you know the difference between frontend development and backend development? Frontend developers are those who are responsible for developing the appearance of a website or application through HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

On the other hand, backend developers are those who make the website or app work. In this article, we will let you know everything about frontend and backend development, including front-end software.

What are the Differences Between Frontend and Backend?

Frontend developers are the ones who connect a website or app to users. Generally, they create texts, pictures, buttons, menus, and interactions between websites or apps to users. Therefore, this role is also commonly called client-side. Frontend developers do not really design a website or application because it is the UI designers’ job. Frontend developers are in charge of moving the design from the UI designer into an interactive form and making the design looks alive.

In order to build a website or app, backend developers are also needed. Backend developers make sure that what is created by frontend developers or systems and servers behind the website or app can work. This position is also called server-side. Backend developers are highly necessary because they have the ability to manage a website or app. It is because software development and maintenance will keep happening.

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In order to do that, a website or app needs backend developers. Generally, the difference between frontend and backend can be seen from what they make, skills required, to the processing time for each role. For those of you who want to make front-end software, Chudovo has professional, experienced frontend developers and backend developers that can help you.

How Do Frontend and Backend Developers Work?

Frontend developers work to make sure that the website or app is visible to users. They are responsible for making sure that users can get information as well as interact with the website or app comfortably. This task makes frontend developers focus on the composition of the website or app. They need to make sure that the content of the website or app like pictures, texts, buttons, and others do not disturb users’ comfort in using the product.

On the other hand, backend developers are responsible for making sure that the website or app can work as optimum as possible. With such a task, it is a must for backend developers to make sure that all systems of the website or app can work. They also need to think about possible risks and errors. For example, they have to think about where the website or app content is stored, data security, and what if the users exceed the maximum capacity.

Required Skills

In order to be a front-end developer, it requires basic knowledge of 3 programming languages, which are HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. It is because these 3 programming languages become the basic in making a website or app. HTML and CSS are a basic programming language used to create an application or website. While JavaScript is a programming language to make interactive elements such as a menu or form.

Besides these programming languages, becoming a frontend developer also requires the ability to manage libraries and frameworks. The most used resources are AngularJs and React.js. AngularJs is used to develop an app while React.js is used to build a user interface. On the other hand, backend developers are required to be expert in programming languages that will be displayed on the server side of the website or app.

The most popular backend programming languages are PHP, Ruby, and Python. Moreover, backend developers must also master software uses, such as Oracle, MySQL, and SQL Server. This software is important because it is used for development based on databases. Just like frontend developers, backend developers also should have the ability to manage libraries and frameworks.

When Do Frontend and Backend Developers Work?

Frontend developers start to work once the UI designer has finished the design. If there is no change, the design that is usually uploaded on Sketch, will be immediately applied to HTML, CSS, and JavaScript by frontend developers. Once frontend developers have moved the design, backend developers will manage the system. They will determine the instructions run by the website or app. They play a crucial role because no logical errors are allowed in every instruction made.

That is all you need to know about frontend and backend developers.

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