Can using customer service videos increase long-term customer satisfaction? 

by Ragini Salampure
Can using customer service videos increase long-term customer satisfaction? 

Gone are the times when companies and consumers used to prefer calls to resolve their issues and doubts. This digital era demands proactive solutions to simple problems that can be solved quickly at the reach of a click. To increase the customer satisfaction level a company has to go the extra mile. Customer service videos can be the key to enhance the customers’ experience. Will this increase long-term customer satisfaction? Let’s find out.

What are customer service videos?

Customer service videos are the videos that help customers walk through your product or service-related issue either via pre-recorded support videos or live video chat. 

These videos are often embedded in different sections of a company’s website like FAQs or support to help the customer navigate and purchase the product. 

Benefits of having customer service videos 

Saves time- Usually, the customers would have to call up and wait several minutes for their turn to come followed by the endless process of verification and questions. From having to explain the issue to get a reference number for a follow up the process becomes lengthy. However, the same isn’t true for customer service videos. 

When you use customer service videos,  solutions are a click away with no waiting time at all. Instant problems will have instant solutions. 

Saves cost- When you opt for call-only customer service you would need a lot of resources to cope up with the traffic of incoming calls. If you add the number of employees and workforce you would need then it would not be feasible for a small-scale business. A feasible option would be to create customer service videos where most of the videos are pre-recorded for problem-solving and FAQs. 

Long-term customer satisfaction- A customer interacting with a business that has a customer service video is bound to be satisfied as they will find the process smooth and hassle-free. A good customer video service should leave no stones unturned. A business must understand what a customer wants as part of customer services for purchasing or showing interest in the product. The customer can interact with as many as videos they want to at their own pace without having to rush through a process. To fit your video on your website in a neat manner you need to crop video online using a quality video editor. Using a video editor software also allows you to use some special effects and techniques like the “L-cut and J-cut.”

When a customer service video solves an issue faced by the customer then they feel satisfied. This satisfaction is what stays with them for a long time. 

Ease of use-  Why do you want to take your smart assistant to the repair shop over a small software issue?  It can easily be repaired at the comfort of your home with the help of live video chat support. Having a live video customer support service is better than traditional voice calls as it adds a human presence to the brand. Your executives become the face of the company and help the customers with their queries. It can also help first-time customers who might be struggling to use the product with live video demonstrations.  

Ease of use

This interactive video chat support builds a good brand rapport with the customer leaving them satisfied. You can be at one end of the country and provide instant video chat support globally with a single click. 

Bonus Tip: Video tutorials 

Video tutorials add a lot of value at the customer’s end. These tutorial videos make it evident that the brand cares about the consumers and their needs. You get to create a wide range of videos for the consumers and the best part about these tutorial videos is that you can share them on your social media platforms to increase engagement and brand recognition. 

Since we are used to consuming video content on the internet, it’s the best time for a business owner to set up and create their customer support videos. You can easily take upon your competitors by being a few steps ahead of them. The sooner you hop on to the video customer service train the better it is for your business. 

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