5 Ways To Take Your Software Development Business To The Next Level

There are several ways to take your software development business to the next level. According to recent studies, experts expect the market for software development to grow nearly 20% over the next 10 years. With this projected growth, the number of development companies and engineering professionals is expected to rise. As a software development manager, you need to adopt the latest innovative tools and practices to maintain a competitive market edge. Indeed, knowing the top advancement strategies is key to build high-quality applications efficiently. Read on to learn about the best ways to take your software development business to the next level.

Define Your Workflow

First, it is essential to define your workflow for your team. Importantly, a streamlined workflow gives every member of the team clear tasks and goals to complete. To plan your software development workflow, you can use a Kanban board. Typically, these tools use cards and columns to organize and distribute tasks to different members on your team. Usually, you can find these integrated within project management software tools. By using this resource to define the different procedures in your SDLC, you can identify inefficiencies and bottlenecks in your process. For example, you might notice that some tasks are repeatedly re-opened after they’ve been marked as done. This may indicate that you need to increase your quality assurance measures or emphasize a step in the process. Definitely, defining your workflow is critical to increase efficiency and organization in your enterprise.

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Learn Automation Tools

Next, you can take your software development business to the next level by learning automation tools. Notably, many DevOps development teams utilize automation tools to increase efficiency on their team. To learn automation tools, you can watch tutorials or enroll in an online course. For example, JFrog offers a DevOps course to introduce teams to Artifactory. Importantly, Artfactory is JFrog’s binary repository used in automated builds and deployments. Naturally, this is a great resource for developers who work with open-source dependencies. Indeed, they can use binary repositories to manage files, file integrity, or store a system of record. 

Apply An Agile Mindset

In addition, you can apply an agile mindset to improve your development approach. To improve your business agility, you should first ask yourself if your focus on making progress in sprints or hitting hard deadlines. Importantly, taking development in iteration sprints of one to two weeks helps direct your work to prioritize features that are the most essential. In addition, you should ask yourself if your current process provides enough room for adaptability and change. Typically, applying an agile mindset means interacting with your client to get frequent feedback on the project. Of course, you should also give regular feedback to your team. This way, you can ensure the project stays on-par with the customer’s requirements and meets your expectations. Certainly, apply an agile mindset to increase build speeds, flexibility, and feedback in your pipeline.

Adopt Microservice Architecture

Moreover, you can also adopt microservice architecture to take your software engineering company to the next level. Microservices is an architectural approach to developing applications as a suite of small, independent services. Importantly, this allows your team to deploy, tweak, and redeploy services independently, without affecting the entire application. With microservices, you might only need to change one or more distinct services, instead of have to redeploy entire applications. Naturally, microservices can improve fault isolation as well. Indeed, an error in one service does not necessarily stop the entire software system from functioning. In short, adopt microservice architecture to streamline application changes and deployment.

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Manage Code Quality

Furthermore, you should also manage code quality to improve your software development process. Ideally, you should implemented automated testing from the very beginning of your SDLC to ensure your code stay functional as you scale. In addition, development experts recommend following the “four eyes principle” for top quality assurance. Under this practice, at least two testers or developers should examine each piece of code. This helps ensure that your code functions properly. Plus, more people on your team will understand why the program works. This way, if a developer ever leaves your company, you can effectively maintain the program in their absence. 

There are several ways to take your software development business to the next level. First, it is essential to define your workflow to identify inefficiencies and bottlenecks. Next, learn automation tools using advanced DevOps courses to refine your process. In addition, apply an agile mindset by working in sprints and adapting to the client’s needs. Moreover, you can adopt microservice architecture to improve fault isolation and increase the efficiency of code changes. Furthermore, manage code quality by emphasizing close analysis. Follow these ways to take your software development business to the next level.