5 Signs You Need a New Inbound Marketing Strategy

Every business attempts to grow their operations over time. This usually involves attracting valuable leads and boosting sales. However, finding qualified sales leads can be a challenging process. 

Many businesses utilize inbound marketing strategies to help with pulling in new leads. Such strategies may offer success at first, but their effectiveness may wane over time. Let’s look at 5  signs you need a new inbound marketing strategy.

  1. Spending Excessively on Ads

Paid advertising can certainly help get the word about your business out. However, you may lose your audience as soon as you stop using your ad strategy. This often leads to small businesses spending a ludicrous amount on paid advertising as part of their inbound marketing strategy.

If you believe you are paying too much for advertising instead of focusing on other types of marketing, you probably already are. In this situation, it may help to reassess your approach and come up with an inbound marketing strategy that is more sustainable.

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  1. Your Website is Outdated

A business website is vital for any business that wishes to succeed in the digital era. This is one of the first points-of-contact potential leads make with your business, so it is essential to optimize it.

If you haven’t updated your business website in a while, or feel it doesn’t represent your brand well, consider revamping it as part of your inbound marketing strategy. An outdated or stale looking website will do more harm than good for your business, so consider making it a top priority in your inbound marketing strategy.

You can tell if your website needs a makeover by observing the “bounce rate”. This metric refers to the percentage of visitors that leave your website without performing an action. A high bounce rate could imply your content doesn’t interest visitors, or that the website has an unfriendly interface.

  1. Your Business Has Grown

Any growing business should have an inbound marketing strategy in place. However, this strategy may no longer be optimal once your business grows past a certain size. 

Every business’s needs shift after a certain point. If you feel your current strategy simply isn’t providing enough leads to sustain the level of growth you are aiming for, it may be time for a change.

  1. You Don’t Know Your Audience

Knowing your audience is a core aspect of marketing. After all, you won’t know the best way to attract potential customers if you lack information about their background and tastes.

A great inbound marketing strategy tracks more than just your audience’s age, sex, and location. It aims to uncover what drives them and creates content that appeals to them in different ways. If your inbound marketing strategy isn’t audience-focused, you should consider replacing it with one that is. Hire a professional content writing service to create content for your website understanding your audience.

  1. Poor Focus on Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing has been an important part of digital marketing since the advent of smartphones. After all, people spend multiple hours of their day looking at their phones and interacting with online content via these devices.

If your inbound marketing strategy does not include a mobile-optimized website along with mobile friendly-content, you may be missing out on tons of valuable leads. So consider making mobile-optimization a top priority for your next inbound marketing strategy.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there is no shortage of signs that indicate you need a new inbound marketing strategy. Business owners should review the above list if they feel their current strategy has run its course. The right inbound marketing strategy will take your business to new heights, so consider doing it as soon as possible.

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