5 Points to Ponder Over While Preparing to Teach Online

The change from traditional to online teaching techniques has resulted in an expansion in the quantity of Online Teaching Sites available to us. Regularly, new features were added to these websites. Every day, they came up with fresh methods to market themselves. After learning about a site’s advantages and disadvantages, you were able to select a site that best met your requirements. But, even if you’ve identified the right site, are you ready to abandon traditional teaching methods and go on a journey into the world of online teaching?

Here are a few tips on How to Teach Online that will help you enhance the productivity of your session: 

Keep the content crisp and concise  

Unlike traditional classrooms, online classes require significantly more focused information in order for students to learn more effectively. Don’t cram too much information into a single session; this will confuse students and deter them from participating. Divide the topic into sections and explain each one according to its level of complexity. You may use keywords and key concepts to help your students understand the topic better. Choose one lesson every day, but if you feel the topic is too lengthy or too simple to understand, divide it into two sessions or take two topics in one session. Use well-designed presentations and statistics to assist your students to grasp concepts more easily, and offer them the notes of your course or session to aid in their learning.

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Encourage students to be a part of the session.

Online classes can be monotonous, making students reluctant to attend, it is essential to keep the class entertaining for students to make them uphold their interest. You can keep your session interesting by initiating activities that your students will enjoy. To keep students up to date with their course, you may create a series of quizzes or MCQ tests. Discussions may be conducted to gain a better understanding of students’ viewpoints and ideas, as well as know about the progress of their knowledge of the course. You can start an unofficial discussion about their routine or anything connected to a current affair before the session to make them feel more comfortable with you and your batch. This will not only enhance their knowledge about their course but will also make them more aware about current affairs. 

Give incentives for attending session regularly

Appreciation for active involvement is something that everyone loves. You may reward your students with additional attendance or grades if they attend your sessions on a routine basis. You can give them a benefit if they attend online sessions, and you can lessen the reward if they watch recorded lessons instead. Let your learners know that you are monitoring their development on a frequent basis. You may also commend students who perform well in class which will encourage them to work harder and attend more sessions. 

Giving incentives will encourage students who are already performing well to improve, as well as encourage other students to work hard and compete with their peers.

Use media and cinema to enhance the understanding of the course 

Considering the widespread use of social media and OTT platforms, the usage of relevant media and movies can further intrigue your students’ interest, making them more eager to learn their course. Certain films relevant to the subject can sometimes improve the learner’s enthusiasm and spirits, encouraging them to pursue their goals with greater zeal. You may communicate a notion about a topic by using popular media material. The usage of memes and reels may be seen as a way to engage with today’s youth and make a topic more accessible to them.

Time Your sessions as per availability of maximum students

When conducting an online class you need to make peace with the fact that your course has students located in different parts of the world and keeping in mind the time difference, one should plan a session at a time convenient for all. If you just have students from the same time zone, this may not be a huge issue, but if you have students from all over the world, this will become one of your primary concerns. Check with your students to see whether they are available, and then set a time for your session. Considering your students’ available time when scheduling a meeting not only boosts attendance but also works as a motivator for them to attend. 

Online teaching can be enjoyable and engaging if you carefully prepare your sessions and encourage your students to engage enthusiastically. Online teaching is a much more compelling style of teaching since it not only allows you to teach with as much content as you like, but also allows your students to comprehend concepts more easily.

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