5 Features a Smart Thermostat Should Have

Among the many smart home devices, a smart thermostat is one of the devices that’s very energy and cost-effective. Even though programmable thermostats have been around for quite some time now, the new smart thermostats have more advanced.

Apart from controlling the temperature, smart thermostats can do so much more. They have become a necessity in harsh weather, whether it’s winter or summer, every household now needs a smart thermostat.

In the past, smart home devices were very niche and expensive as well. However, with an increase in demand from consumers, smart home devices are now affordable as there’s a wide range of options to choose from now.

There’s so much more to smart thermostats than simply controlling the heating of your home. With technology constantly evolving. When looking to buy the best smart thermostat on the market, look for these six key features to ensure that you’ll enjoy the convenience of having one.

Multi-Room Controls

Let’s begin with a simple one. Most smart thermostats offer multi-room controls, giving you more control over the way you heat and cool your home. This is very useful when it comes to larger homes, as we might be heating rooms that aren’t being used.

Multi-room controls allow you to independently control each individual room’s temperature, hence allowing you to heat the rooms efficiently. However, you will need to invest in more than one thermostat, otherwise also known as smart thermostatic radiator valves so that things kick off well.

This can be a little costly, but it’s important that you remember that it’s a long-term investment that can save you money as well.

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The geofencing feature is now being adopted by many smart thermostats. This feature allows the technology that is being used in smart thermostats to create a virtual boundary within a real-life area, in other words, your home.

The smart thermostat is then able to detect when you’re leaving or entering the ‘boundary’ and will start heating or cooling your home accordingly. For instance, the Google Nest smart thermostat also has the geofencing feature.

This feature is perfect for people who don’t have a fixed schedule or those that are always in and out of the house, as it makes sure it’s not heating the home unnecessarily.

Adapt to Your Preferences

This feature is ideal for people who have a set routine. Some smart thermostats have the ability to adapt to how you use the heating and cooling in the thermostats and then programs itself according to your preferences.

For instance, the Nest Learning Thermostat allows you to adjust the temperature as you would normally for the first few days, and then it learns what temperatures you prefer and programs itself accordingly.

Of course, you still have the option to override the settings whenever you need to do so.

Compatible with Other Smart Devices

If you’re already using a smart home device in your home, you should be able to pair it with your smart thermostat. Most smart thermostats are compatible with Google Home devices and Amazon Echo.

It gives you the ability to ask Alexa or Google to turn the thermostat on and even adjust the temperature. While most smart thermostats will work smoothly with Amazon Echo and Google Home, there are some that are compatible with Apple HomeKit as well.

That said, always make sure to check the specification of the smart thermostat that you’re planning on buying.

Energy Tracking and Reports

Smart thermostats have a money-saving feature that provides you with energy tracking reports. The smart thermostat tends sot monitor the parts of the house that uses the most energy than the other and the time of the day as well.

Once you receive the report on your smartphone, you can then adjust the temperature accordingly. Once determined which rooms in your home are more heated or cooled as compared to others, you can then use the zoning feature.

Zoning gives you more control over the temperature of each room in your household. This way, you can save on your energy bills and also ensure that everyone’s comfortable.


Smart thermostats are a great addition to a home, especially if you’re in the hopes of building a smart one. Smart thermostats like almost every other smart home device, offer you remote control as well, in which you can control and manage it from anywhere around the world.

Moreover, smart thermostats give you the ability to save money on your monthly energy bills, especially if you have a big family.

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