4 Must have features of Social Media Apps…

Social media mobile applications are clearly all the rage. Across the last decade, the rise of social media apps has coincided with an expansion of the modern digital landscape.

Today if you were to look at mobile apps with the highest number of downloads social media apps take centrestage. They are often downloaded in the billions, with a global appeal that makes them attractive across all cultures and countries.

Here we talk about 5 of the must have features of social media apps:

Having created an account, social media apps should definitely offer its users the ability to message each other. Messaging within social media apps can also be described as being similar to email, however with a more social and casual touch. 

Although at the start of social media apps, messaging was often between friends and family, today social media apps offer business entities and a plethora of other organizations, the ability to connect with their audiences and target customers.

Such interactions can easily boost business revenue and profitability. For example a customer wishing to get a custom cake made could simply send a message to a local baker who will be able to set a date and time for the customer to visit the physical outlet and make their choice.

But in today’s virtual and digital world, the baker could also very easily share their e-catalogue full of cakes and the customer can make their purchase decision and also settle the payment through digital means in order to complete the transaction. The messaging function on a social media application can also be used as a tool for chatting.

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  • Photos

They say life is all about memories, and photographs have come to dominate the digital landscape of memories for social media app users.

With modern smart devices and digital tools, taking a photograph of a precious moment is now easier than ever. It is also very easy to transfer, upload and share photographs to social media platforms in a matter of seconds.

This is why any modern social media mobile application should have the ability to showcase and share photographs that will no doubt be a point of attraction for users to download and use a social media app.

It could be photographs of your friends or family, co-workers or even just random clicks that are of interest and value to the user. Modern smart digital devices make it simple and easy to not only capture images but also transfer them onto the preferred social media platform of the user. 

  • Intelligent Content Feeds

Social media apps are only as good as the content that they play host to. Users would have a range of content that they would share and make public, however it would be up to the social media platform’s intelligent content feed to display the most relevant content to the most relevant user as per their interests and behaviour. Artificial intelligence design is actually at the very core of a social media application’s intelligent content feed. 

If regular users are mainly shown content that they prefer to engage with then the social media platform can increase its interactions, engagement and retention rates in a positive manner. 

  • Voice and Video Calls

Such is the evolution of technology, any modern era social media app would definitely need to have the ability to connect users both via voice and also through video. Given that communication is a major part of social media applications, without such features it would be unlikely that the platform and app would be able to manage to keep hold of users in the long term.

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