Online m4a to mp3 converter for free

by Paresh Bramhane
Online m4a to mp3 converter for free

What we come across happens in an audio format that we don’t understand. Our friends share files online, download music, and buy songs in unknown high-quality audio format. One such rare audio format is M4A-MPEG for audio. This was supposed to be the successor to the higher quality MP3s, but it didn’t happen due to the growing popularity of his advanced audio codec, AAC. There is no doubt that M4a is one of the most popular as it is space-effective and easy to use, but many audio apps don’t support this format. Therefore, you can use online m4a to mp3 converter platforms like Evano to convert your m4a file to mp3 format. 

Before knowing how to convert m4a files to mp3 format using free online platforms like Evano, let’s see the difference between the two formats.

M4a Format

M4A (Apple Lossless Audio) is an open-source and royalty-free audio encoding format from Apple that is used to store audio data without quality loss. M4A stands for MPEG-4 Part 14, and the file extension was created by Apple in 2004 using the QuickTime file format. The iTunes Store works with downloading M4A files (15 billion files worldwide). This is a digital multimedia container format used to store audio components, but it can also store other data (for example, Images).

Technical details- Technical details MPEG-4 audio files usually have only the .m4a file extension. This is especially true for unprotected content. M4A is often compressed using AAC encryption (do not undo), but it can also be in Apple Lossless format. The use of lossless compression is designed to drastically reduce the amount of data required to represent an audio recording. It appears to be an honest reproduction of the original, uncompressed audio. MP3 files created with the 128 kbit / s setting will be approx—1/11 of the size of the generated CD file from the original audio source.

MP3 Format

MP3 (MPEG1 / 2 Audio Layer 3) is an efficient and lost digital audio compression format that offers a variety of bit rates. MP3 files can also be encoded at higher or lower bit rates, resulting in higher or lower quality. MP3 files are portable because CD-quality tracks are captured in smaller MP3 files. Therefore, after compression, you can place more files on a single disk than the original version, reducing the download and download times of audio files regardless of connection speed.

Technical details- With lost data compression, audio files are compressed for easy storage and transfer. It preceded the MPEG-1 file extension but was taken over by a new class (MPEG-2 Audio Layer III). Unlike MPEG-1 files, MP3 files store only audio information. The image attached to the audio (displayed on an iPod or smartphone) must be saved in a separate file. MP3 files are reduced to 128 kbit / s in the 11: 1 ratio from the original recording. The sound resolution is reduced, changes are made in areas that most human ears cannot perceive (sound masking), important information remains, and the file size is significantly reduced.

Evano- The best online m4a to mp3 converter for free

Evano, the best m4a to mp3 Converter, is a free online tool to convert M4A files to MP3 format. This tool can convert multiple M4A files to MP3 format (Batch conversion) at once. It currently supports M4A files up to 20MB in size. You can download M4A files from your computer or from a URL.

Some of the features of Evano, the best m4a to mp3 converting platform, are as follows:

  • Safe Tool- This Evano platform is safe to use and automatically deletes all files after 24 hours. Evano ensures that no sensitive files are collected or stored on the server.
  • Online M4A to MP3 Converter- This m4a to mp3 converter is 100% web-based. There is no software to install to M4A to MP3 converter. It works in all major browsers and is easy to use for a mobile browser.
  • Free forever- Evano M4A to MP3 Converter is 100% free and ready to use.

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The process to convert m4a files to mp3 format using the best online m4a to mp3 converter for free

  1. Go to Evano Website

The first step in converting m4a to mp3 is to go to the Evano website, i.e.,

  1. Import the M4A file into the program

Click the green Add File on the main toolbar to open the File Finder window. Find the M4A file on your computer, select it, click Open and go to Switch to convert it to MP3 file format. You can also convert M4A files by dragging and dropping them directly into the program.

  1. Set the output format

Click the drop-down arrow next to Output Formats on the left side of the program to see a list of available audio file formats. To convert M4A files to MP3 files, simply select the option labeled “MP3” in this menu. All conversions done here will be in MP3 audio file format.

  1. Convert M4A to MP3

Click one of the convert buttons on the main toolbar. This will start the conversion process. You can either select one file to convert formats one by one, or you can select all and efficiently perform the batch MP3 conversion.

  1. Download Converted MP3 File: Once the conversion is completed you can see your converted file. Now you can click on the download file and your downloading will start.


  • Evano is one of the best and free online m4a to mp3 converter in which conversion is very fast within a few clicks. The program’s interface is simple and intuitive. This site supports conversion of m4a, and converting files is easy. The user simply selects the files to convert, selects the destination folder, and selects MP3 as the output format. This program will quickly convert the file to the desired format and the most important feature is it’s free and safe tool where no sensitive files are collected or stored on the server.

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