How to prepare for the 9th class Science exam

Some students get terrified and lose hope immediately while studying science. They are unable to understand that it is the approach to the study which is wrong. If you have fear towards science and want to get over this fear, then you must work on your study approach. We have come to your rescue by enlisting some of the most crucial tips that you must follow to top your 9th class science exam. Let us go through these tips and understand why they are so important.

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  1. Check the Revised Syllabus: CBSE has recently made some changes in the syllabus for various subjects in almost all classes. You should visit the official CBSE website and get the updated exam syllabus for class 9th Science and other subjects as well. In one section, you will find listed topics that are required for the class 9 science paper. In the other section, all the topics and sub-topics that have been deleted from the class 9 science syllabus will be enumerated. With the syllabus with you, you will not have to waste your time studying those topics that are not even there in the syllabus. You must note down the syllabus in your notebook so you do not have to keep accessing these notifications and you have the basic framework of your preparation.
  2. Focus on NCERT: NCERT books are the main textbooks prescribed by the CBSE around which all the exam preparation must revolve. All topics, subtopics, and exercises that are there in the NCERT Class 9 Science book must be prioritized. All the questions that you will get in your Class 9 science exam will come from the study material made available to you in the class 9 NCERT science textbook. You must finish all the chapters and their exercises from the NCERT textbook first and then only move to any other reference book.
  3. Don’t Forget the Examples: The NCERT Science textbook is filled with important examples – whether be it numerical problems or experimentations. These examples can form the basis of many questions that can come in your science exam. Make practicing all the examples a habit of yours. When you are familiar with all the examples, you can quickly solve the exercise problems of any chapter.  
  4. Get the Best Reference: Several references books are available for Class 9 Science. Using multiple reference books is a waste of time and it might lead to more confusion. The NCERT 9th Class Science Book Solutions is the best study material for class 9 science. This solution has prioritized the NCERT exercises and given answers to all questions. You can find additional questions from each chapter to help in having a deeper knowledge so that you can attempt all questions that come from this subject. Get ncert 9th class science book solutions pdf free download today!
  5. Focus on the Marking Scheme: CBSE has provided the marks distribution scheme for each unit in Class 9 Science. There are five units in total carrying 80 marks but the marks allotment for each unit is different. For instance, unit 3 (Force, Motion, and Work) carries 27 marks, whereas unit 5 (Food Production) carries only 4 marks. So, you need to organize your study in such a way that you practice and finish first the chapters with maximum marks allotment. And once you have finished chapters with the maximum weightage, you can move on to those units with the least marks allotment.
  6. Mark Your Weak Areas: When you study a chapter in Science, you must mark those topics and subtopics that need to be brushed up once again. The same goes for exercise questions and examples. If you are stuck somewhere, highlight that question and write “redo” next to it so when you sit down to re-read or practice the chapter, you know which part to focus more on. Working on your weaknesses is very important. If you can conquer your weak points in a chapter, you will have no difficulties solving any questions based on that chapter. But how to overcome this fear? The answer lies in practice. You should practice all your weaknesses regularly to turn them into your strengths.
  7. Sample Papers and Previous Year Question Papers: Solving sample papers and previous year question papers help you in getting clarity when it comes to how questions are framed from each chapter. When you attempt sample or practice papers or previous year questions papers, you get to experience the exam format in real life. If you solve these papers with a timer next to you, you will be able to improve your skills in time management, which is acutely crucial in completing your full exam paper.
  8. Discuss Your Doubts: Science is not everyone’s cup of tea and it can quite commonly happen that you have certain doubts and confusions. The catch here is to get all your confusion and your doubts cleared as soon as possible. Do not keep delaying this for later as it might cost you your marks later in the exam. Having a clear concept of all topics in Class 9 Science will help you in answering all that comes from that specific topic.
  9. Emphasis on Revision: Revision is the best way to make certain that whatever you have studied for your Class 9 Science remains afresh in your memory. Regular revisions are immensely advantageous as it helps you in all the time taking revisions that happen right before the exam. Weekends are ideal for regular revisions. You can go through the questions and practice numerical problems, diagrams, formulas, etc to guarantee that your fundamentals are clear.
  10. Stay Healthy: You can score well in your exams only when you study regularly. If you fall ill, you will miss your studies which will affect your performance. So, always remember to eat properly, sleep on time, and exercise to maintain your physical health. Your mental wellbeing is equally important for your studies – so do not take a lot of pressure and meditate now and then to relax your mind. You should keep your daily routine flexible to include leisurely activities as well as soothe your mind.   

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Just preaching these tips will not help you. You need to effectively practice all of the above preparation tips to increase your score and progress well in class 9 Science. Stop wasting your time and start modifying your study routine according to the above tips and see how it works wonders for you. All the very best!