How To Make the Most Of Your Balcony

If you own a balcony then you should be aware just how lucky you are. Almost everyone I’ve ever spoken to has told me how much they’d like to have a balcony in their home and it’s something that has countless great uses for making more from your property. If you are currently just leaving your balcony as it is and not doing anything with it, then you’re really wasting a great asset so let’s look at how you can really start making the most of it.

The Basics

A lot of us will tend to leave our balconies pretty much bare and not really see the need for putting anything out there. However, I would argue that at the bare minimum you should at least include some seats and a table out here. This way you’ll be able to sit and read the paper while the sun comes up, or to sit outside and have a nice romantic meal with your partner on warm evenings. I used to sit and work on my balcony and all I used was a few pieces of outdoor furniture.

Lighting is also a good idea for your balcony, and in keeping with the garden furniture this can be achieved easily with some solar powered LED garden lights. You’ll never have to think about them and they’ll keep your balcony nicely lit for when you head out there.

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Some Extra Additions

The first extra item I would recommend investing in for your balcony is some form of shelter that you can sit under when it’s raining. This will allow you to enjoy the area in any weather, but better yet it will mean that you can keep things out here without worrying about them getting wet. This doesn’t have to be expensive – just get some awning will usually do the trick.

Next you should think about decorating your balcony and making it as scenic as possible. I made mine into something that made me feel like I was on holiday and I did this by adding some bamboo in a plant pot along with a water feature that created a soothing noise and refracted light attractively around the space. This was ideal for sitting and reading and I’d highly recommend it to anyone trying to make more of their balcony.

I also added decking to my balcony which was quite a lot of work, but it was far preferable to mouldy concrete which was what was there before and it really helped add to the overall feeling of ‘Zen’ that I had managed to create.

Of course, though these are just a few of the things I found useful on my balcony – and what works for you may be slightly different. The main take-home message here is just to think outside the box, to get creative with your balcony and to start treating it more like a room in your home rather than just an empty space that you can just leave barren. Once you do that you’ll find it’s one of the most exciting features for any home.

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