How to Keep Yourself Happy & Kill Lockdown’s Boredom 

by Paresh Bramhane
How to Keep Yourself Happy & Kill Lockdown’s Boredom 

Not letting the happy flies of your inner self fly freely is like keeping a sunflower inside and expecting it to bloom. 

Well, we know that you are not doing that, but it’s happening, and COVID-19 pushed lockdown is the reason. Staying indoors indeed lets you have optimum time to spend with your families like families used to before the inventions of mobile phones and the internet. But at a point in time, boredom starts to kick in because your free soul doesn’t recognize being caged as a way to satisfaction. 

Does that mean you can melt the invisible chains and step outside on the streets for fun?

Obviously not!!!

But you must find a way to eliminate boredom and fill the space with lots of happiness and satisfaction. 

Now the question here is what to do to hit the bull’s eye?

We think we have cracked the code, and we love to share that with you because spreading happiness is what we are focused towards. 

Donate To Experience An Uplifting Satisfaction

Governments are doing their bit to fight the pandemic, and we are asked to do so by just following the safety guidelines. But you move a mile and do more than that. Whatever is your capability, just donate. Get in touch with social foundations working round the clock to help people and donate whatever you can. You can even donate from your mobile phone, and many online payment applications have rolled out an option to donate cashback points. When boredom is bringing you down, you can have an uplifting satisfaction with a simple cause. 

Treat Yourself With Happiness 

You surely are thinking that it’s a statement and not a solution! Well, the answer lies within the four words, ‘ treat yourself with happiness.’ If you want to kick out the boredom, then you have to bring something powerful to do the task. And the first step is to treat your taste buds and your tummy with something delicious. We would suggest a cake for this one. And you also need something that can render happy and colorful vibes throughout the space you are locked in. And nothing can be better than blooming flowers. You can bring the combo of happiness to your home from an online portal that provides cake and flower delivery. The cake can be of a size that the whole family can gallop on it.  

Try Online Shopping 

For many, shopping works like a retreat to rejuvenate energy and that active spark back into life. You can try it too, and maybe you will get the desired results. But, as it is not safe to go shopping in the market, you must try online shopping. Do not shop for a thing that is required; for once, listen to your heart and order something that your heart crushes on. It could be a dress or a new smartphone. And we would suggest you have online shopping time through your laptop or PC as they will provide a better experience than mobile phones.  

Learn Something New

One thing is for sure that lockdown has given us all a whole lot of time. Lives have become so tensed and hasted through tight schedules that 24 hours of a day has felt fewer. So, use the time you have now to learn something new. It can be cooking, painting, art & craft, graphic designing, video editing, or anything that attracts you more. And you don’t have to pay for it because you can learn such things for free from YoutTube. Add a new dimension to your personality! 

The four warriors mentioned above will throw the boredom out of your soul’s premises with a bang.

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