How Motorization Is Bringing Modern Functionality To Old Window Treatments

Window treatments are a common feature in many homes. Blinds, curtains and shades have

become a staple in homes because of their ability to block harsh sunlight, give you some

privacy, and also be a natural way of controlling temperature. They have good light filtration

systems and can also trap cold or hot air, making the rooms warm or cooler depending on the

time of the year. Another important aspect about window treatments which complements all

their functional aspects is the way they can enhance the look of your indoors. They come in

different types of fabric, designs, colour and material. This means that you have plenty of

options to find your personal style and make your home as beautiful as it can be.

As we progress further into a modern lifestyle dictated by efficiency, window treatments have

adapted to become more than an ‘open and shut’ instrument that is aesthetically pleasing. They

now offer us the luxury of convenience. Almost every standard set of blinds can perform

ordinary functions like light filtration, privacy and temperature control. Window treatments are

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now being designed to be as user friendly as possible as well. This is where motorized window

coverings come in. They add comfort to your life in more ways than you can imagine.

How does motorization of window treatments make them better than their regular counterparts?

Motorization of your curtains, shades and blinds not only bring you a certain level of comfort

and convenience, but also saves you the trouble of having to deal with unnecessary

complications that you probably did not think about and you would rather not deal with them

in the first place.

  1. Motorized window treatments can ensure the safety of children and pets – While

this benefit is mostly applicable to blinds, you can rope in shades and curtains as

well. If you are a parent or a pet owner, this feature of motorized blinds can be very

important to you. If your window coverings are motorized, it means that you do not

need a cord to come with the shades or blinds. Cords, despite their effectiveness,

can be choking hazards for children and pets if they somehow manage to wrap

themselves around the cord.

Motors, essentially replace the cords as your method of controlling the window

coverings, which means that you do not need to deal with the cords anymore. Even

if you are not a parent or a pet owner, you might want to consider this benefit

anyway because there is always a chance that you will be entertaining guests.

  1. Window coverings with motors can be extremely useful in protecting furniture –

Furniture and other interior home décor items are susceptible to rotting or fading

due to overexposure to sunlight. This can reduce the life of your furniture

drastically. Window treatments that come with sensors and motors can help you

solve this problem. Some sellers offer blinds with sensors that activate the blinds or

curtains to close automatically (with the help of motors) when the sunlight gets too

harsh. You don’t have to do it manually, making things easy for you, even when

you are not at home.

  1. Motorized window treatments can make your home more safe – Most motorised

blinds, curtains or shades are often compatible with your home security system and

your smart phone. This allows you to set a timer on when you want the shades to

be opened or drawn automatically. With the addition of privacy, if your curtains or

blinds open and close during specific times of the day, it always looks like someone

is home even though that may not be true. Being able to control them remotely also

helps to give you a sense of safety.

  1. Motorized window coverings can improve the quality of your sleep – Most people

choose blackout shades or blinds for blocking out the sunlight entirely to make for

a conducive environment for rest, even if it might be during the day. While such

choices are obviously very useful, you can always kick things up a notch with

motorized window treatments. Most of the control systems for motorized window

coverings come with the concept of a gradual setting. This means that you can

choose to have your blinds open up gradually throughout the morning instead of

having the bright sunlight hit your face in one go. Your sleep doesn’t end abruptly

and you will wake up feeling calm and rested.

  1. Customized motorized window treatments can increase the value of your home –

Customized window treatments are ones that are tailor made to fit your windows

after the appropriate measurements have been made. What this means is for

potential homebuyers is that they do not have to look for window coverings because

the blinds, curtains or shades are not only perfect for convenience and practical

purposes, but they are custom-made to fit your windows, saving them a lot of

trouble and hassle, which can increase the selling price of your home. Keep in mind

that this is mostly true only for genuine motorized window treatments and not

makeshift ‘Do-It-Yourself’ motors attached to curtains and blinds. While DIY

methods of motorizing your blinds is cost-effective and can be effective, they don’t

really add value to your home in terms of a selling price.

  1. You can integrate your blinds, windows or shades to the rest of your smart home

system – Integrated functioning is the key to an efficient, convenient and modern

household. With motorized window treatments, you can integrate it to your security

system, your automatic lights systems and even the thermostat. For instance, the

lights can kick in when the blinds automatically close (during the evening) and

thermostat can drop to a cooler temperature.

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Are motorized window treatments just a fad or a sensible long term efficient investment?

We are living in an age of constant innovation and evolution in technology for the betterment

of our lives. It suffices to say that motorized window treatments are here to stay, and the only

thing that is subject to change is the innovation in the way they function. You can get an

updated model with the latest specs every 3 or maybe 4 years. The benefits that they give almost

certainly outweigh the price you might pay for them.

If you always thought that getting motorized window coverings only meant that you did not

have to get off the couch to open or close the blinds or draw the curtains, it would be a massive

oversimplification of what these features can do for you.

The latest trend on this side of the market is the concept of controlling your curtains or shades

with the help of voice command. The control systems might come with their own voice

command feature, or you can sync them up with a voice command platform like Amazon’s

Alexa or Apple’s Siri. Just remember to take your time to check all the options out there and

figure out what suits your needs the best. If you think it might be a little complicated for you,

always remember to learn patiently so that it can save you a lot of time later.