How Do Leveling Kits Work?

If you’re looking for an affordable way to add clearance and personality to your truck or Jeep, then a leveling kit may be a great option for your next aftermarket purchase. Find out what does a leveling kit do and the benefits of choosing one for your rig today.

How a Leveling Kit Works

The primary purpose of a leveling kit is to remove the rake on your ride. Most trucks and SUVs are designed with a front end that’s slightly lower than the back end. This gives your vehicle a little more fuel efficiency, but reduces the total clearance of your vehicle.

A leveling kit adds just an inch or two to the front end of your ride, but that’s all that you need to increase your tire diameter or make it over some heavily rutted roads. Most leveling kits don’t require you to add costly components to your vehicle, like aftermarket shocks or brake line extensions, so the total cost of this upgrade remains low.

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Benefits of a Leveling Kit

One of the most obvious benefits you’ll enjoy is a personalized look. There’s a distinctive, aggressive look to trucks and Jeeps with a leveling kit installed. The result makes it clear that you’ve modified your ride and are serious about your off-road performance.

Even a small leveling kit should give you room to increase your tire size. Larger tires means more clearance when you’re blazing trails. Leveling kits don’t offer the same amount of lift as Fox lift kits, but they’re typically more affordable than full lift kits.

Choose polyurethane, steel or aluminum leveling kit spacers for a cost-effective DIY upgrade. Polyurethane is a great option for corrosion-free performance and more sound-dampening quality.

Components in a Quality Kit

Most leveling kits come with a few spacers and some hardware. You shouldn’t need any complex setup if you’re only going to add an inch or two to the height of your front end.

Higher amounts of lift can stress your suspension system, so you may wish to add some Bilstein shocks and other components to keep your truck driving reliably.

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How To Install a Leveling Kit

If you’re ready to take on a reasonably easy DIY project in your own garage, then review the steps to install your own leveling kit. Most vehicles already have small spacers in the front end, so installing a leveling kit is as simple as securing your vehicle’s front end on jack stands, securing the front axle and swapping out spacers.

Other vehicles have independent front suspension systems and other complex systems that make the job more difficult. You can still level off your ride, but you may need to choose a more complex leveling kit to accomplish it.

Where To Find a Leveling Kit for Your Truck

Learn more about leveling and lift kits by checking out a leading online store. Use customer reviews, product specifications and your own sense of style determine which leveling kit is the best for your next DIY project. Order a kit today and review helpful installation videos and instructions.