Advent of Cloud Marketplace as per the Customer Need

Cloud Marketplace has got fame in the form of the online store that is the one-stop shop. The selling of the hundreds of products and the professional services complementing the existing cloud implementation proves to be the best. All the apps and services associated with the Marketplace are offered by the approved registered and expert partners and developers.

In this regard, the Cloud Marketplaces offer the services in the form of a unique commerce platform that will accelerate the growth of the business by expanding the service offerings and diversifying the revenue sources. What makes it even better is that it is aimed at the satisfaction of the customer needs for the cloud services. So be ready to start selling the cloud services in minutes with the upfront cost.

  • Fast activation as well as a streamlined billing pattern

What makes it even better is that you can rest assured about getting the centralized control panel with the exploration and the selling of the infinite catalogue of the services. Overall, the Cloud Marketplace will serve as the best shop for the business in professional services. The whole network of the approved partners, developers, public services, managed service providers ensure the creation and management of the listings for the apps and the services. Besides, streamlined billing and the centralized control panel make it even better.

  • Leveling the reseller success with the utilization of the product catalog

Now it’s time to employ the service and the terms that are already negotiated with the legal resources and the costs associated with them. Cloud Marketplace serves as the best platform for broadening the audience reach and the customer value with the help of the tightened relationships. Besides, there is the opportunity to explore the breadth of the product offerings with the competitive promotional and bundling offers.

You can help in leveraging the micro cloud partnerships with the utilization of the specialized tools strategies as well as customer support that will help with the establishment of immediate success. Discovering the Cloud Marketplace options is a must to get the best approach for conducting the business.

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  • Integration with the certification and deployment

You can associate getting the support with the integration and testing the product for the Cloud Marketplace. It can help with ensuring that everything is ready for deployment. The professional expertise and support you can get from  Intellipaat Cloud Computing training also ensure that the process will be working in a streamlined pattern.

Before the development of the Cloud Marketplace, it always required the certification of the integration. In this regard, you can also take care of the integration certification process that will ensure the product gets deployed on the budget on time and in the right location.

  • Streamlined back office consolidated control

Now there is the opportunity of a reduction of the interaction points with the multiple cloud service providers that will be helping in savings on the operational resources time and cost. It can ensure the simplification of the procurement and provisioning with the elimination of the contract negotiation.

 The network works with technical integrations for the fastest time to revenue. It helps in the streamlining of the back-office processes with the help of consolidated billing and invoicing. The real-time customer and the reseller control panels with the customer self-service capabilities make it even better.

  • Exploring the unparalleled Global channel ecosystem

There is the opportunity of definitely connecting to the new marketplaces while reaching the end-user communities, expanding and diversifying the offerings, and tapping into the new network entering the Marketplace.

Overall, the process is now easier where one can just go with the instant sales, provision curates and fitted with the utilization of the cloud services to the customers. It can also ensure the creation of beneficial partnerships that may lead the customers into the cloud. It helps in driving the new revenue and also boosting customer retention.

  • Support and Maintenance

The teams always work closely with the support team to effectively and efficiently resolve the integration-related incidents as well as the problems. The customer support services ensure the best. Overall, it works the best when there is integration and deployment of the product.

Then there is the opportunity of receiving customer feedback and reviews. Besides, it also comes with feedback, optimization of the Marketplace presence; thus, it can ensure the enhancement of the API and the features change.

Final words

Cloud Marketplace is proving to be the trusted and secured environment for the consuming and contributing of the profile manufacturing and the supply chain solutions. Overall, there are leading peer-to-peer solutions that will allow the companies to focus more on the resources. The focus is on the optimization of production and the creation of new business opportunities for smart products. The assistance is with the improvement of operational efficiency.

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