ACE & HBL Bringing Enticing Prizes For Customers

ACE is a money transfer firm continuously striving to provide exceptional service and incredible deals to its devoted customers. This is the finest deal from ACE and HBL; all you have to do is send money to Pakistan to avail of this offer. ACE and HBL have teamed to offer attractive benefits to those who Transfer Money to Pakistan using ACE Money Transfer. To win, transfer money to Pakistan using ACE Money Transfer to any HBL bank in Pakistan.

Enticing Prizes offered by ACE and HBL

The exciting ACE Money Transfer and HBL offers have returned, and this time they’re even improved. You can win amazing surprises if you transfer money to Pakistan once a week using ACE Money Transfer to any Habib Bank Limited Bank.

  1. This ACE Money Transfer and HBL deal are valid from August 1, 2021, until September 30, 2021.
  2. All cash pickup and bank deposit transactions completed and paid through HBL will be entered into a lucky draw during the specified days.
  3. A lucky draw will be held between the offer days for transactions made through ACE from an eligible country.
  4. Senders will get a Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G phone on weekly basis, and receivers will get a Toyota Yaris each month.
  5. The remitter also has the option to designate a person in Pakistan to accept the car on their behalf.
  6. Only paid purchases will be included in the lucky draw.
  7. To increase the number of entries, make as many transactions as you like per day.
  8. A lucky draw will be done once a week & once a month.
  9. The winner is responsible for any personal, advance, and/or withholding taxes imposed due to the incentives acquired via this contest, and ACE is not accountable in this regard.
  10. ACE will contact the winners through email or phone to notify them of their prize.
  11. The firm retains the right to change the given dates.
  12. The firm has complete permission to use the information of the winners for promotional reasons.
  13. The firm retains the right to change the scheduled dates without notice.
  14. This offer cannot be redeemed for cash.
  15. Employees of HBL Bank are not qualified to apply.

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ACE to HBL – Transfer Money to Pakistan

It’s never been easier to send money to Pakistan. ACE Money Transfer is committed to offer a safe, secure, and fast platform for sending money to friends and family. ACE goes above and beyond the ordinary when it comes to delivering specialist, online options for all of your remittance difficulties.

Expatriate Pakistanis can now transfer money to Pakistan quickly and easily via a single platform.

Furthermore, when compared to big banks and other well-known money transfer service providers, they provide unmatched conversion rates.

For rapid remittance delivery, transfer money to Pakistan with a debit/credit card or directly to any bank account using various payment options. ACE remittance services are easy to use; transactions are accomplished in just a few steps. When you utilize ACE Money Transfer, you can avoid lengthy and time-consuming procedures as well as needless legalities.

Take a look at the following Pakistani ACE payment options:

  • Cash remittances can be picked up at any major commercial bank by recipients.
  • ACE remittance services, which provide the best exchange rates and processing costs in the market, allow Pakistanis to send money directly to a recipient’s bank account in Pakistan.
  • Your bills can be paid from anywhere in the world. Press the broadcast button whether you’re sitting on the couch or jogging. ACE Money Transfer is Pakistan’s most efficient bill money transfer service. ACE goes above and above to secure your safety, never betraying their clients’ trust.
  • You can top up any mobile network service provider in Pakistan with a single button press. Manage your cell phone top-ups in the safest possible manner.

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