8 Creative Tips for a Lively, Colourful Abode

When it comes to interior decor, the eye is drawn to colour. Painted areas, whether large or small, vibrant or understated should look appealing in their own right, whilst also complementing the colours and design features that surround them. 

Creating a living space that is tasteful without being dull – and eye-catching without treading into gaudiness is a delicate balance for many homeowners. If you’re looking for a few pointers to help you plan the perfect look and colour scheme for your abode, read on! 

We’ve curated eight indispensable tips to help you transform your dreary digs into a brighter place to be.Throw in a few tricks of the trade such as painting geometric shapes and borders whilst factoring in where the natural light falls and you’re already halfway there. 

It’s time to clear your planner, stock up with some good quality emulsion paint and get ready to transform your home. Let’s get started, shall we?

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Determine the Existing Paint Type 

Before you get started, it’s important to know what type of paint has been used on the existing walls. In order to get some clarity on the issue, place a cotton ball in rubbing alcohol and then rub it across a small area of the wall. 

If paint residue has been transferred to the cotton ball, you’re dealing with latex paint. If not, you’ll be painting over oil-based paint – and as such, should apply a coat of oil-based primer before you begin!

Get the Sequence Right – and the Rest Will Follow …

To cut the risk of mistakes, drips and overspilling, you should follow a specific sequence when painting a room. It goes: ceiling, wall, woodwork, floor. You’re welcome! 

Make an Entrance with a Bright-Yellow Doorframe

Introducing a splash of bold colour to a doorframe can brighten the room in an instant. Why not be brave and opt for a Bright Yellow frame to bathe the area in sunshine – whatever the weather? 

This is a particularly effective option for a doorframe linking a front living room to a sitting room. But, this is by no means the only application for a vivid-coloured doorframe. Any room that you think deserves the title of ‘star attraction’ in your home could benefit from a brighter, bolder frame!

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Make Your Bed Appear Roomier with a Painted Headboard

Luxury beds often feature large, ornate headboards. However, simpler beds often lack this feature and besides, a headboard may simply be out of your price range. Not to fear, however – you can create the perception of a roomier, more luxurious sleeping space simply by painting your own.

Paint a rectangle outlining the area where you would affix a physical headboard and suddenly, your bed will appear several degrees grander. We would advise going several shades lighter or darker than your wall’s current colour in order to create a pleasing contrast. 

Break Up the Room with Complementary Coloured Stripes

Using masking tape to define the borders, paint three (or more) angled stripes in complementary colours to create a truly show-stopping feature wall. This versatile technique can be used to enhance a child’s room, creative music studio, kitchen or living room. Lighter, brighter colours are most effective here.

Re-paint Your Kitchen Cabinets

If your current kitchen cabinets have seen better days, you don’t necessarily need to replace them outright to re-define your kitchen space. Providing the cabinets themselves are in reasonable condition, simply repainting them should be transformative.

Prior to painting the cabinets, you may need to clean the doors, sand them down (for a smooth, even surface) and then apply a primer. When it comes to the paint colour, if you opt for white or a lighter blue or grey, you shouldn’t go far wrong.

Fill the Walls with Colourful Art 

If you happen to be an appreciator of fine art, why not create your very own gallery at your home? Invest in a few eye-catching pieces and before you know it, you’ll have conversation-starting art hanging from every wall. 

Aside from enhancing your home’s look and colour appeal, you’ll also be investing for your future. With any luck, one or more of your pieces could seriously appreciate in value and earn you a tidy profit in the not-to-distant future!

… Or LED Signage

A few well-placed LED signs around your home can also help to set the mood in the evening. Choose a few words, messages and symbols that carry personal meaning. You may opt for a retro bar sign, a far-out planet, or a motivational message. Get creative and bathe your home in cool LED wall art.

Thanks for Reading – Best of Luck with Your Home Colour Transformation

Thanks for reading our latest article. We hope you found it helpful and now have plenty of inspiration for how to optimise your home’s colour scheme and create a brighter, better home. No matter how you ultimately decide to decorate your home, we wish you the very best of luck with your D.I.Y endeavours!